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Feb 19, 2018

Elizabeth, Jade and Carly aka “The Babes” are keeping it honest and real as they discuss pregnancy, labor, and women’s bodies in 
Episode 3 of Babes&Babies and welcome Tanner and Evan (the husbands) for a major SEX discussion.
Jade opens up about her sex life and doesn’t hold back! How has her sex life changed from before pregnancy, during, and postpartum? Has it effected her relationship with husband Tanner? What are the emotional and physical changes she has been grappling with? 
Carly also opens up about sex during pregnancy. Is she having way more, way less, same?! 
The Babes then invite Tanner and Evan to explain their side of pregnancy SEX. How much is too much? How much is too little? Do they still have the same attraction and physical needs that they did pre pregnancy? The men show a raw side in this major discussion that is well informed and necessary for women out there to hear.