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Feb 6, 2018

Elizabeth, Jade and Carly aka “The Babes” are keeping it honest and real as they discuss pregnancy, labor, and women’s bodies in the first episode of Babes&Babies.

Carly opens up about the ups and downs of her pregnancy as she closes in on the last two weeks before birth. Is she ready? How does she feel about her changing body? How is she feeling about labor? Does she have a Birthplan? What does a Birthplan even entail? AND the judgment behind either choosing TO or NOT choosing to make one.

Jade and Elizabeth weigh in on what to expect and all of the options that go into natural and assisted births. Do Jade and Carly have the same ideals about birth? What options DO women have for laboring? Jade lets us in on her birth story and discloses some of the NOT so glamorous, super real after effects of having a vaginal birth, and discloses some funny stories about her husband Tanner from the delivery room.