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May 29, 2023

Kim Rittberg is on this week and talking about how millions of moms are working on their own terms and finding fulfillment outside the traditional 9-to-5, what moms across America are looking for, how to take stock of your own career situation, and tactical tips for women in various job sectors to find balance and fulfillment on their own terms - tips ranging from financial, relationship, career growth and happiness.

Kim is an award-winning creative Executive Producer in TV and video (recently taking the top Gold & Platinum Prize at the 2022 MarCom Awards, earning a Webby Honor, a Gold Shorty Impact Award and Gold at the Tellys), a digital video strategy expert, social media strategist, and on-camera media coach and public speaker with a proven track record and 500 million video views. She blends 15 years of journalism with content marketing at top-tier outlets including Us Weekly, where she launched and ran their video unit, Netflix, PopSugar, PEOPLE Magazine, and Fox News.  She has been called a ‘media unicorn’, and has been a speaker and instructor at UPenn, Syracuse, and General Assembly. Kim is Founder & Principal at Henry Street Media which helps companies, individuals and publishers of all sizes expand their brand and maximize revenue through unforgettable content and communications.


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